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Friends invited me to spend the night last night.
The house has 2 adults, 2 boys (one with ADHD the other a mopey pre-teen), 1 dagu, 1 cockateille, a huge hyper dog, and 4 cats. Their place really.SMELLS.BAD.
But anyway, We had a great time, great laughs. We played "Scene-It" (and "Scene-It-Disney") and "Cranium" and "Monkey Ball" (video game). (We'll be playing "Pictionary" the next time.)
Oh man! They took me to "King Kong" last night. I have to confess - I sobbed like an idiot from the moment they left Skull Island until I left the theatre!!!
There was this poor little girl two aisle down that was unconsolable!!!
(which made me cry harder!) Stupid Peter Jackson ::loves him!!::

And now, I've been home for a couple of hours and I've have made spaghetti sauce, taste tested it...yum. And have some for meals for most of the week. I just snorted and gufawed through tonight's "Simpson's". I'm gonna now go and read LJ and skip back 3,569 posts.

And lastly, hopefully I sleep well tonight - A year of school starts for me tomorrow morning at 9:00am. I should be getting my new PowerBook tomorrow too! Am I going to name it? Any suggestions?

ms_nerd can I still call you?

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