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Burgundy, Merlot, Zinfandel

On the week-end, when having fabulous lasagna at ms_nerd's beautiful condo, I brought a bottle of wine I bought 3 years ago in Sonoma Valley when I visited San Francisco (it's the lesser known valley some might say to the popular Napa Valle y) It was a nice dry Burgundy from the 'Franciscan Vineyards'. Now, my preference in wine has been white for years but I've discovered the sexy, yes I said sexy, full bodied appeal of red.
Tonight for dinner I had (even though it's from the Napa) a Berin ger's Zinfandel. And that's all I had. appetizer, main course and desert. I had an entire bottle of wine for dinner. The bottle's empty! How did that happen? ::grins numbly:: I could get used to that! Tomorrow night I think I'll have the Merlot...But i n the mean time, here's what I do after a bottle of wine. Don't hate me cuz I'm tipsy...

Take out can wait
You leap on him when he walks in the door. Cock already straining against your pants.

"Fuck-me-I’m-drunk." you breathe against his neck hooking a bare heel around his calf, press your erection against his stomach.

"Whoa!" he sputters, wrapping an arm around your narrow waist as you tilt backwards to look at him.

"You’ve got to fuck me now before I die." you beg, groping at his crotch between the two of you.

"What brought this on?" he asks pressing you away from him as he shrugs out of his jacket.

"A bottle of red and you being an hour late." you slur weaving drunkenly, spinning away from him and staggering awkwardly into the living room.

"You were going to wait." he says following with the take-out bag bumping against his leg.

You sprawl across the sofa, legs splayed, arms draped over the arm of the sofa behind your head and grin at him with cat like slowness.

"Hungry?" he asks setting the bag down as he sits by your feet.

"Mmmmm, I want me something Southern." you moan finding his crotch with your toes, chuckle deep in your throat as he squirms.

"We" he says pushing your cold toes away.

"After." is all you say playing with your taut nipples.

"It’ll..." he sneaks a sideways glance at you, "...get cold." clears his throat as he grabs at your ankle.

"We’ll heat it up." you suggest, sliding a hand down inside your sweats.

"We could do that..." he agrees turning to face you directly.

"So..." you lift your hips and shove the sweats down over your ass, "...that means you can fuck me now, right?"

"Yeah, that’s what that means." he agrees pulling your sweats off and tossing them aside.

They land on top of the forgotten take-out.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Okay, gonna go drink a gallon of water now...=^..^===

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