Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Isn't this kinda like 'why don't you all pay me to stay home to write fic'?

Found in the local free paper...

"All blog tips accepted here"

Blog Tip Jar

The etiquette of tipping is confusing.

You'll tip your barista at the coffee joint, but not the gas jockey at the pump. You'll tip your hairdresser at the salon, but not the associate at the department store.

Some people get tips just for doing their job, some don't.

Are they worthy of a few PayPal pennies?

Should you pay for a blog you like to check out?

Some do have subscription fees, but for the casual blogger looking to make some spare change, the blogger's tip jar has just been created.

Pro-level bloggers using typepad can now set up a simple tip jar in their menu bars.

It's just another way to make some spare change along with the Google ads everyone seems to include amongst their text.

To make it easy, the Tip Jar feature works via PayPal, so millions of weblog readers can simply drop cash into your weblog from their PayPal accounts or directly from their credit cards.

typos are all mine

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