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REALLY don't wanna be here...

so I'm doing really stupid stuff to distract myself from sticking sharp things in my eyes like going through an outdated phone book to see how many *NSync band members names I can find. Here's what I found: (and this is where you move onto your next friend's post)

Timberlake: there are a whopping 2 listed in the Vancouver phone book.
Kirkpatrick: close to 100 - them K's reproduce like rabbits!
Bass: approx. 15 - a healthy showing.
Fatone: 0 !!!??
Chasez: 0 !!!??

WHAT!? Not one Fatone or Chasez in Vancouver!? Say it ain't so.
That's it, I'm movin'!
Hmmmm. Orlando sounds like a nice city to relocate to...

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