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"RENT" rant and 'rraaawwwwwrrr'!! Last night, I was talking to a friend who lives in Stratford, Ontario. (Stratford is Canada's answer (apparently ) to live theatre) She's lived there all her adult life and has *NEVER* been to one friggin' live performance.
Her first "play" experience was when she flew to L.A. to meet me for a week-end once. She flew to L-fucking-A. to see a play and she lives in STRATFORD!!
Piece-de-resistance: She casually mentioned last night that; "I think I'm going down to New York in a couple of weeks to see that, oh, what did you call that play,
with that guy in it, from what was the name of that group? "Rent"?, yeah, Rent, with a couple of my girlfriends. Y'know, be tourists, see the sights, do some shopping."
I meeped jealously and repeatedly at her over the phone long-distance, wondering why the gods would give her the opportunity to see Mr. Fatone in "Rent". Such opportunities are wasted on some people.
She offered to walk "right up to 'whats'isname' and get his autograph for me.
::sniffle/thunk forehead on monitor:: Yes, I know this drama queen is over reacting but life can seem so unfair sometimes.
But then!! I got up this morning to find that ms_nerd (who I heart to death!!) sent me a link to LILY and I downloaded it and I watched it and I made noises that probably scared my neighbors at 5:30 in the morning, and did I mention I heart Lance_Nerd?
So, my Stratford friend can go off to NYC and see what'shisname from what's that band in what's that play, cause I've got LJ friends that are of the much good who share their SDB treasures with me every chance they get. ::the end::

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