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Onely: D'oh, I keep thinking it's a day later than it is. It's not Sunday is it? ::shakes head::
Twoly: I am sooooo lovin' all the *NSYNC Lovin' all over my friends list today. They've made a considerable impact on my life. Have brought some pretty amazing people into my life I otherwise would never have met. Thanks guys, you'll never know...
Threely: kennedy, I don't know what to say except maybe THANK YOU!!! That was very out of the blue and very unexpected. You're so sweet! *muah!*
Fourly: Hey, silvrsolace, bossymarmalade. "You hear those birds outside your window...? They're here to kill you."
Fively: halowrites, I need your help - my b&w mood theme got broked a few days ago. :o( Thank goodness an old one was still in my faves. But I'm missing the b&w one. What did I do? What do I do? Help me Obi Wan Ka-halo! You're my only hope.
Sixly: It looks like there's a whole lot of fun happening in a burb of Portland this weekend! ::waves:: I hope y'all are having a great time celebrating that Kirkpatrick guy's birthday!!! Have a shot of something for me.
Sevenly: I'm surprised at my own reaction(s) to an email I got from CafePress last night. It told me that somebody bought something from my store. I was - 'Oh Cool!' Who is it? Is it my sister? Is it a friend being kind and supporting me? 'Who? Who?' It's neither. It's a total stranger. Somebody I've never heard of. Some one I don't know. So then I was - 'Oh wow! How did s/he find my store? Wow, total strangers are looking at my mechandise.' Then I was - 'Oh, oh! Oh gee! What if they don't like what they bought?' ::bites nails:: I think I should be more amused by my own reaction than surprised. Yeah, that's it. I'm amused.
Anybody wanna see the store?


Oct. 23rd, 2005 02:38 am (UTC)
The most important thing NSYNC has brought to me is the people I've met and friendships I've made. I'm glad we met up and were roomies together in Miami. We had some crazy times, and I hope we get more chances to do it again. :) *HUGS!*
Oct. 23rd, 2005 06:13 am (UTC)
::holds tight!:: That week-end in Miami was unbelievably special and something I'll never forget! You will always be a huge part of that memory!!! And YES!!! I hope we get more chances to do it again too!!!



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