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It was before Russia. Before "Rent". Before the solo release.
Before everything he loved about his life changed...

He lay on his back staring up at the changing shadows on the ceiling, feeling lonely, lost. Thoughts raced through his head keeping him from a much wanted escape into sleep. He listened to Chris settling into sleep beside him. An unexplainable sadness welled up inside him and he nearly reached
out for Chris but instead lay very still.

"What happens when one of us gets tired of doing all this?" he wasn't really sure if he'd said it out loud or just thought it.

"...the others threaten to kill him if he walks." Chris' voice was thick with sleep.

"Oh...Okay..." he swallowed, watched the glow of passing headlights sweep across the ceiling,
"...but what if two or three of us feels the same way - at the same time?"

Chris shifted his weight, moved closer, "...we remind each other that we've all signed contracts that say we are committed to the band for eternity."

JC thought he might have smiled at that, feeling a tiny spark of warmth across his chest, "Okay... Then I guess I can stop worrying about all this, right?"

"Yes. Now could you please go to sleep." grunted Chris turning into him, wedging his scruffy chin into the nook under JC's jaw.

"...but what if-" JC began.

"NOT NOW!!!...Please. Gotosleep. I'm tired." Chris' breath was warm against his neck.

"Not tired of *us* though, right?" JC's fingers tangled into the sheet.

"Sleeping now." mumbled Chris drawing a knee up over JC's thigh.

JC lay on his back staring up at the changing shadows on the ceiling.
Everything can change he thought. Everything.

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