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Should people be allowed to make quadruple shot lattes?!
I'd vote yes if I could focus long enough to fill in a ballot.

::hops around like a hyper jackrabbit on crack aka JC in concert?::

A pixie that works at my local coffee source cheerfully asked if I wanted *4* shots of expresso or whatever the hell they toss with all that steamed skim milk. I should have reconsidered when her coworkers all whipped their heads around and gawked at me when I said; 'sure, why not.' They're all laughing their asses off right now, I just know it.

It's fun vibrating all over the place at 8:30 in the morning.
Oh, but I am so going to crash by 2:00 it isn't even funny!

(note to self: Coffee makes one very thirsty)

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