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I survived the TCA's and remember this abou them;

.American Idol spoof!! HA
.short sleeved sweat shirt?
.undies hitched up higher than pants?
.Lance nominated for noteworthy hissy fits thrown by a man. heha
."Gone" nominated as a 'LOVE' song?
.7th Heaven = best action/adventure/drama??? wha-?!
.Jennifer Fuck Hewitt allowed to sing -the fuck!!!?
.puppies pretending to "like" Hewitt's 'talent'!?
.Matthew Perry/Matt LeBlanc - teenies knew who they were?
.Pamela Anderson's watermelons. Blech!!
.JC's pants being pulled back on after a quick....???!! :o)
.Astronaut gag - WHAT THE FUCK!!!
.Nelly on stage with his boyfriend!!
.Reese Witherspoon-Phillipe is as cute as a bug's ear!
.have I left out any riveting details?
.93% of the celebrities there were baked, gooned, high, stoned, wasted, etc.
.Fun was had by all except maybe the viewers??!

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