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Would you bring a herd of what seemed like a bunch of A.D.D./hyperactive 8, 9 and 10 year old kids on sugar to see a movie called "My Big Fat Greed Wedding"? (I'd have thought that one through a little longer myself.)

Despite the children's antics, I think everybody in the 'posse' really enjoyed the movie.

::waves to da'gang::

- we might even have made more noise than the A.D.D. kids whenever Joey popped up on the screen. He looked GREAT!!
He danced and he mumbled beautifully in Greek which made our knees weak.

The sushi afterwards was absolutely delish!!
(But we really should have gone Greek, dontcha think? :o) )

"I'm all oily." "You're Greek now."
and note to self: buy Windex

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