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1. paperdollkisses posted a picture the other night of the most amazing surf curl I've ever seen and I begged her to let me blatantly steal it so I could make an icon.

This icon

2. pulled out an old doodle I did and added planet earth to it.
I kinda like it. ::points at other icon::

3. People who know me will roll their eyes...I'm looking for a song by a girl I saw on Much Music. I think it's shot in black and white. I think it's sort of supposed to look like it's from the 40's. It's a black woman singing. There are two guys dancing "" in synch in a hallway (behind her?) The woman's first name might be Denise? Yeah, I know, can I get any vaguer? Does anybody have a clue about the song I'm talking about? And if you do can you tell me her name/the name of the song? I'll make cookies....

4. For those of you playing along. the eyeball jelly swelling is gone and so is the aching but the white of the eye is still blood red. :o\ Weird.

5. Boss lady lent me "The Notebook". No, I haven't seen it yet. But I'm dying to.


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