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A friend took me to see the film "Crash" yesterday. Unbelievable performances by Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, Ryan Phillippe and others!!
I'm glad we chose that over the current blockbusters in town right now. They'll be around for a while, "Crash" might be gone soon.
It feels like ages since I've actually been out to a movie. I think the last movie I went to was star_maple's grad screening.
I hate that. I used to be an avid movie goer, at least once a week. Now with the prices being what they are and the moronic behaviour of most audiences these days....anyway, I'm really, really glad I saw this movie and would recommend it highly to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

have been summoned to the HRDC office for 9:00AM Tuesday morning to "discuss" my claim. *gulp*

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