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I went for a walk with my friend T tonight. For those playing along T's the same friend that crawled around in that abandonned building with me.

We headed to a basically unknown neighbourhood under the Skytrain and Patullo Bridges called Brownsville. There were unbelievable sights to see over there under the bridges.

Patullo Bridge from a different angle

The SkyTrain reflecting the sun

There were piles and piles of retrieved 'dead heads' just sitting there wasting away

I've NEVER seen a more perfect thistle

We came across an interesting old machine

as well as a semi that had its side ripped open

AND to my delight, we found an old boarded up house...

See that window down there at the bottom - we climbed through it

I was scared the whole time I was in there but thrilled to be capturing the images
these are just a few

There'd been a fire up on the upper floor. Peeling paint hangs from the ceiling

The tub was creepy. I was expecting an old dead woman to sit up and screech at us

OhMyGod. The stairwell up to the second floor was so narrow, my shoulders were brushing the walls.
The carpeted walls. All the walls up on the second floor were covered in strips of carpet

All the windows were boarded up (well almost all of them)

The stairs looking back down

One of the three bedrooms upstairs
there are orbs in this picture (the appear in a few other pictures as well)

It was getting late, maybe 8:30PM, the sun was starting to set, so we decided we should climb back out. Let me tell you, I was happy to get the heck out of there

We passed about five or six bunnies as we made our way back to the skytrain

My feet are sore from walking so far and I ache all over from all the crawling around and climbing we did inside and outside the old boarded up house.
While sitting on the skytrain, T was already suggesting other places we could explore.
I can't wait!!!
And now to bed to rest my weary bones.

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