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I have a guilty pleasure I have to confess to. I.Love.Magazines. And I know that right now is not the best time to be out buying $20.00 worth of magazines.

"Unique Homes", "Florida Design", "Architectural Digest",
"Coastal Living", "Islands", "Conde's Travel"

Yes! THOSE kind of magazines. Not.Cheap.

Why can't I be addicted to "Woman's World" or "First" or grocery store flyers that come in the mail. No, I've got to have champagne taste on a tap water budget.

The July issue of "Unique Homes" which I had to buy (shuddup) features "The Waterfront Collection" 507 spectacular properties.

You HAVE to see this behemoth beast of a home...

Who? Who!? Why?!? Who and why would you need/want so much?!? I wouldn't sleep at night wondering where I was going to get the money to pay my utilities.

Wanna see some other stunning homes? Lemme know, I'll happily scan some.

Cliff top homes in Hawaii?
Ocean front homes in Florida?
Beach houses in Nantucket?

Homes that make you go *Gaaah!*

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