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It's JC's birthday. It's JC's birthday. It's JC's birthday.

How sad am I? I have a total stranger's birthday marked in my daytimer.
YES! I'm that sad! Sadder is - I doubt he has mine in his. :o)

All right, back to being 11 for a minute:

Okay - If you were the one and only fan selected to throw a birthday shindig for JC;
1) where would you have it? (not too extravegant, remember - you have to save, because...yes.)
2) who would you invite? (for this - any and all celebs are available because, after all, it IS JC Chasez, right?!)
3) what would you wear? (the press would be there, but remember the budget.)
4) what would you say to him? (there wouldn't be any witnesses, not even Barbara Walters.)
5) what sort of present would you buy him? (it cannot be clothing or hats.)
6) what sort of food would you have served/catered at this shindig?

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

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