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1. JC wearing rosary beads at the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Premiere? Hmmm my Non-Practicing-Catholic-Self scowled for a moment not knowing whether to be offended by his choice of 'jewelry' or not, then I shrugged it off and enjoyed the plethora of pretty pics instead.


2. I read the last installment of "The Way You Know Him" and LOVED it.

--but-- I wish it wasn't over.

I think we need to petition Kaelie and Beth to continue the saga.

Kudos and Thanks to Beth and Kaelie - Ladies, I loved every month of it!


crashcat -> the codes I've used looks like this:

Be sure to change the [ and ] TO < and > at the beginning and end.

this one opens in the same window:

[a href=""]"crashcat"


this one opens in a separate window:

[a target="_blank" href="">go see the neat stuff crashcat's got in her journal

And they look like this:


go see the neat stuff crashcat's got in her journal

Remember to change the [ and ] to < and >


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