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much whinage that should probably be ignored

an exception of course to this full frontal whine would have to be that having coffee with my 'boyfriend' and 'evil_overlord' on Friday mornings is so happy-making it's becoming an addiction.
The whinage is about being jealous (jealous I tell ya, jealous) of all you luckies who got to go to the CFTC and those other luckies with plans to go to NYC to see Joey. - To see Joey. On broadway. In "Rent"!!
I have absolutely no reason to whine cause it's so awesome that so many of you share your pics and stories. God bless everyone of you!! I'd evaporate and blow away if I couldn't live vicariously through your experiences.
Your generous sharing feeds my need.
The whinage is for the suckage that is my life that I can't see SDB in person too. ::pouts like the 2 year olds I is:: .jealous.jealous.jealous.
Thank you for listening. This rant was brought to you by the colour green and the letters p, o, u and t.

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