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just goofin' around s'all

possible behavior after the now famous wango tango" footage?

he fluffed his pillows
he made him tea
he rubbed his shoulders
and nearly asked; "do you still love me?"

the stormy silence dragged
the tension built
he nearly pleaded,
overcome with guilt

they said they'd be best friends
"until the end!"
but after the lies,
what was there to mend

he loved him dearly
with heart and soul
to get him back was his only goal

he bought him presents
beautiful and rare
but the other was still too hurt
to really care

then one day
a thought popped up
he knew at last
how to win back his Jup

he prepared all day
for this special night
he would do anything
to end this fight

and when Jup did
concede to meet
he knew that there
would be no defeat

he wore him down
with the attention he paid
so Jup couldn't refuse when asked;
"you wanna get laid?"

the moral of this tale if anyone cares,
is when stoned in public and on the air,
pay attention when Jup gives you one of his glares...


::skulks away quietly::

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