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rambling right along

Ahhh, Friday. And it started it out wonderfully cause I got to have coffee with ms_nerd and (sort of) strandia (who had to work while she visited with us. She's a top notch 'barista' - I think that's what they're called).

I am always so grateful when I get to spend time with such good friends.
I love these two gals and have to thank the SDB's for my meeting them!
I'm also spoiled every day to have my bossymarmalade around - who recharges my happy battery every lunch hour. (No,I didn't say happy pants. wait that makes it sound worse. having a battery in one's pants doesn't sound right does it? because...oh dear.) She's just such a neat gal and I love her to death.
And she does the neatest drive-by-ficcing! :o)
(Note to self: I think I need to convince her to do another 'making the fic)

Y'know what...I have amazing friends.

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