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"Bye Bye Bye" just came on the local fm station I listen to occaisionally when I don't have a cd within reach.
they played it in honor of our little lamb Lance going into space and they knew all the scoop on him having to survive in the Russian wilderness etc, etc.
Okay, I know it's not weird for a pop radio station to have the poop in a pop star, but it's just, last night, I saw *two* *NSYNC commercials!!! Two of them. The Anti-drug one and a Chili's one.
We don't have a Chili's here in Vancouver that I'm aware of and we don't have an anti-drug campaign here either.
I'm just saying that it was way cool to see them coming into my living room from a network and not from generously donated 2nd and 3rd generation tapes! They're the most beautiful boys in the world but who doesn't know that already right?!

::scooting off to monitor ABC and Fox networks::
::just in case::

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