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In my email program at work, I get little red squigglies under 'mis'spelled or unfamiliar words. They look kinda angry sitting there under the words.
Like "HEY! y'idiot, don't you know how to spell. What the fu-?"
Mean little zizaggy guys. Some are green, some are red, some words even get a combo of the two colours together. (I'm not sure why that happens)

This program flags stuff I use a lot like "wanna" and "gonna" and "*guh*" and "boybandelicious" all the time but for some reason it never touches "fuck".
Doesn't go near it or it in other variations; Fucker, fucking, fuck-off, (except maybe fuckityfuckfuck)

::shakes head::

So, like it's become part of the fucking english language? - finally.

So there you have it, another totally useless observation brought to you by the letters F.U.C. and K. and the number 69

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