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Why do people get smelly? Wait, it's more like why do people let themselves get smelly?
I'm not a walking rose garden but first thing in the morning? People. On a crowded transit system? PLEASE BATHE ONCE IN A WHILE.
They might have the right idea however; bad smell = larger personal space
Despite my traumatised nose hairs nearly falling out, I was entertained by a little spider on my train this morning. He was really tiny and pale, pale green. I spent my ride (got a seat today.YAY!) watching this little guy race back and forth along the handle of the seat in front of me.
He did a couple of bungie jump drops and swung back and forth from his stringy thing then would crawl back up it and do it all over again.
Then he did these cool arachnid yo-yo moves. Just boinged up and down repeatedly. It was most amusing. I hope little mr. spider can't smell.
I wonder if spiders get stinky?

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