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Dec. 30th, 2004

I dont' get sick. I just don't. Okay, maybe rarely. BUT...I think I'm getting sick? Tight, hot chest, tickly cough, wheezy breathing, lethargy. *blech* (the last one would have nothing to do with eating nothing but junk food and cheeseez for dinner three nights straight does it?) I think I'll root around in the kitchen see if I've got any NeoCitran left that hasn't expired.

But more importantly:
chicksrus [Michelle] lent me her copy of "The DaVinci Code"
I DON'T want Tom Hanks to play Langdon!!! He's a great actor but he's not gonna do it for me I don't think. I'm dying to see who gets cast in all the other major parts. Silas, Captain Bezu Fache, Sophie Neveu...and I'm only on page 68!!!
I'd LOVE George Clooney to play Langdon.
I'd like Tom Noonan to play Silas. (killer in "Manhunter")
I think Bob Hoskins would make a good Fache if he could pull off a French accent. In my mind he seems more the body type. Otherwise Jean Reno would be just fine by me!!! Hollywood's resident Frenchy it seems. Again, okay by me.
I think Sophie should be played by an 'unknown' and authentic french actress. N'est pas, oui? If it has to be a Hollywood type, mmmmm, it would be very nice to see Natalie Portman play against Reno again. [note to self: when you can, buy "The Professional" on DVD!!!]
Anyway, I've got a cat waiting for her lap reservations so I must go settle down for a little more reading and a lap full of purring fur.

*coughhackcough* ack! I don't wanna be sick damn it! Should put on some tea too. Oh look, I have some cheeseez left...........

Oh and a GIP just to back up my Cloony [or is it Clooney?!] campaign....


Dec. 30th, 2004 01:52 pm (UTC)
Ooooo! Russell Crowe! I hadn't thought of him. He'd make a good Langdon too. But Hanks? A big N.O. Sorry Tom.

...Russell Crowe, eh.....? Hmmmm....

Did you cast any of the other characters during this huge discussion? Who were some of the other actors people suggested?

Wouldn't it be cool if Hollywood polled the public before casting a movie.

. . . .
Who would you like to play the next [insert lead role here]

A. an 'A' list guy who's the hottest ticket in town.
B. an 'A' list guy we haven't seen in anything good in a while.
C. a 'B' list guy everybody knows but never thought of as a lead.
D. a Television Star looking for his big screen break.
E. the Hottest Pop/Rock/HipHop/Rap artist looking to expand his portfolio.
. . . .

I wonder if it would work.
Dec. 30th, 2004 02:13 pm (UTC)
that would be an interesting poll! No, we didn't talk much about the other characters, only that the girl (and I can't remember her name at the moment, sadly) should be a native French actress or else someone who's relatively unknown.



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