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And I was worried about a flea infestation or at the most - a tapeworm. I never thought I'd be thanking a couple of fleas for possibly saving my cat's life. Dakota has what veterinarians call
Short long of it: benign tumors on the thyroid gland(s) whacking out her metabolic rate and affecting all her major organs.
In order to 'cure' her, Dakota is going in for radioiodine therapy.
She will have to be kept in the hospital for a week, in quarantine I guess, well because she's going to be radioactive until her body can expell all the radiation [or at least most of it] through her urine and stools.

I can't see her for the week she's in there but will get daily calls on her progress.Once she's home I must 'limit my contact with her' for up to a month because there will probably be residuals of the poison they're injecting her with to save her life still floating around inside her.

It's weird and so worrisome how just over night her 'normal' activity now seems suspicious and sickly. She's lethargic, seems unsteady on her feet and appears to be frequenting the litter box at an alarming rate.

I have to wait for the vet's referral to reach the "Nuclear Medicine for Animals" facilities and them to contact me.

::blink:: I'm going to have a radioactive cat. "RADIOACTIVE CAT" Sort of sounds like a Cartoon SuperHero doesn't it.

Oh man, am I going to be broke. The therapy is a thousand dollars But she's worth every penny.

*wibble* :o( My poor little doodlebug.

So now I wait for the call and take it from there.

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