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There and back without a hitch.
Well Dakota behaved herself and didn't poop in her carrier case on the way to or from the vet this evening. She did try and climb into my sleeve during the visit however.
She only weights 5lbs.7oz. or 2.600KG for my fellow Canucks. All that fluff is decieving.
Vet found a slightly enlarged thyroid and slightly smallish kidneys. Tests will determine the significance of that. They took blood and urine for a 'geriatric panel'. "Geriatric"? Does being nine in cat years make you a geriatric? And there was no mention except by me about ::shudder:: tape worms. Vet only comments that she, being Dakota had a 'normal mass of fecal matter in her'. I took her word for it.
And now the poor old girl's pooped out and keeps nodding off if she sits in one spot for too long - which has been on top of my feet or perched on my hip most of the night.
So I suppose I should turn in so she can park herself on my pillow and sleep straight through the night. Test results in 24-48 hours. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys. I'd like her keep her around for a few more years.
Thanks crashcat! Only a few weeks. :o)

G'night Mrs. Kalabash, where ever you are.....

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