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What does it say about how you spent Xmas when you now know that you have:

13 different shampoos on the go. yes you read right 13
09 different conditioners.
05 different body washes.
and about
12 different hair 'styling' products perched on any flat surface in the bathroom.

You'd understand how silly that stock pile is considering my hair looks like a rats nest at the best of times. I keep thinking I'm going to find the 'magical product' that will give me beautiful hair a super model would envy...I should give it up and start investing in hats. I could have saved myself the time and money picking up two new conditioners today.

Hats! Oh, say, now there's something else I could go count. I can see about four ball caps alone from where I'm sitting. There's my golf cap(s), my bucket, my hiking, my Panama, my Santa, .....

Okay, maybe I should go sort laundry now, that'll kill an hour.

Is it 2005 yet?

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