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Left on the dry-erase board in the computer lab. :o)

the below statement is true.
the above statement is false.


And in other news.

If the asshat fits...

Yesterday, my asshat of a boss came in and asked me to print out two copies of a photo taken by the school. (This photo was used on the cover of a 2D Animation Compilation DVD of some of our top student films.) whatever
He asked me to size the image down, then crop the paper to fit in 5x7 frames and bring them to his office. All of which I did because-he' insert grumbling here
Five minutes later, he comes to the computer lab and hands me one of the framed pictures and says, I quote:

"Ha ha, I made you make your own present. Merry Christmas. It's been a tough year."

WTF is that supposed to mean?!?!? ::shakes head::

Sadly I smiled appreciatively as the bile as rising in my throat because I still have to talk to him about what's happening with my job from February to June. *Argh!!!* I hate sucking ass.

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