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It was super dark but beautifully foggy out there this morning. I love the sound of the city when it's foggy. The feel of the damp air against my skin. The 'atmosphere' that fog brings with it. I LOVE walking in the fog anytime anywhere!!! I love, love, love it.

Except this morning.

This is one of the very few times I was actually afraid to be outside in my neighbourhood. I'm very comfortable in my 'town'. Morning, noon and middle of the night. I know the feel of my area and feel very safe whenever I go out. As usual, for the time I leave for work, there were only a couple of other people toodling along the sidewalk which was very cool! Until I started hearing a loud and very angry male voice swearing and practically snarling somewhere behind me up the hill a ways. It was very creepy and echoey. The closer he got the more the chills were going up my spine. I wasn't sure whether to slow down and let him pass me or speed up my pace and show him I was wigged out.

Then I thought he might be harmless and just having a "Tourettes" moment and couldn't help himself.
(I do like to think the best of people, even the shouting, snarling ones.)

When he came abreast of me at a red light he glared at me all the time muttering and snorting, shifting the weight of a lumpy blue sack over his shoulder. He was young, long greasy black hair and clean shaven. He kept eyeing me as I stood my ground ignoring him, then he horked up a ball of phlem and spit, nearly hitting my foot, thank you very much, before the light changed and he stomped off, blending into the fog and disappearing. It scared the crap out of me. And pissed me off that I should feel so unsafe where I live. Stupid!

I hope he is harmless and I just over reacted. I hope he's just passing through and doesn't live around these parts.

But now we celebrate for our beloved Friday has returned. All hail Friday and rejoice!

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