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I met a guy named Noah down on Burrard St. and he was looking for pairings animals two-by-two and extra lumber for some boat he's wanting to build.

Man, I didn't think I could get more soaked than I did last night after the bus splashed me.
I'm soggy right down to my undies!
Not a good time to find out that the spring/fall/winter jacket I thought was waterproof...ain't.
I'm shivering and *blech*.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing more soothing, calming, therapeutic than a walk in the rain.
Except maybe sometimes when you're walking in the direction of work.

>and to start my work day; there was post-it note stuck to my computer monitor this morning from my boss saying she wants to take me out for lunch on Monday. I've worked here for OVER four years and we've never been out for lunch just the two of us. Yeah, that doesn't bode so well does it.

Well, must be cheery for the students, they're why I'm here.

Stay dry and have a great day.

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