Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Y'know that "Brigit Jones II" trailer where she's drenched by a truck or bus or something...
"Yeah. Hello, my name is Brigit! and I'm not amused." I got soaked from head to toe tonight on the way home by a city bus. It scared the crap outta me! And I shivered all the way home.

Transit users are going to make me do homicidal violent things one day.
I had this biotch standing behind me on the platform [swinging her briefcase repeatedly into my lower back] sucking on a lozeng or something and was talking like those two deep throat hags in that Aero Chocolate Bar commercial. I was so.grossed.out! It was she had a mouth full of cock'n'cum.

Thank Christmas I'm home and away from idiot people.

::nails front door shut::

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