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The Vancouver Posse (with honorary Posse member squickgrrl)went to the local park to chill yesterday.
Spent a few hours in the sun and I think I managed to acquire 2 maybe 3 more freckles to my collection for all the time we were out there. I wanted to get my first summer burn to kick off the season, but nooo. *sigh* I need colour damnit! I'm paler than a trout's belly.
But anyway, enough whining from a borderline albino.

Holy moly!! strandia and ms_nerd rule at the 'pop up video' game.
What songs *don't* these two know every word to. sheesh.
I think we entertained all the other park visitors with our impromptu accapella singing.
I had a great week-end with the possee. I hope we can all do it again soon and on a regular basis!
My crib's always open if y'all wants ta be chillin'.

So, 'critter' you find your miniature chihuahua floating face down.....

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