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They say that smells trigger the most memories. I believe that.

I had the out-of-the-bluest trigger this morning while waiting for my flustered coffee shop owner filled breakfast orders and fixed me a non-fat vanilla latte.

The people seated at the table by me were eating...breakfast - go figure it was 7:45a.m.
I started smelling something I hadn't smelled (or noticed) in years. That distinct smell of ketchup and eggs. That probably sounds funny but it was very strong.
The person I instantly thought of was my brother, who(m?) is rarely if ever is mentioned here in my live journal. Man, I was almost overcome with emotions as thoughts of him tumbled over themselves to be, well, remembered. It being the holidays makes his gone "missing" come into even sharper focus. I think he's part of the reason I hate the holidays so much. *gack* I'm getting all tight in my throat again I better stop.

I love you Ricky! I wish you'd come home, even for a little while.

Okay. Really!!! Enough of all that!

Oh Friday, how I love you so! We shall celebrate your arrival with two days of un-work-like stuff. Wheee!

carry on

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