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*argh!* Missed "Lost" tonight. But possibly for a good reason. ::crossing fingers::
Was sort of half-assed watching Gilmore Girls for the first bit then got all curious about 'Luke's Black Day'. Damn it if I wasn't crying by the end of it. Y'know you've seen a good episode when the waterworks start. happy nose blowing ::I want to marry someone like Luke!:: (only because I'm too old, fat and ugly for a certain Chasez) LOL

CSI:NY could have been good if I didn't want to punch first one, then the other female characters, then both of them at the same time. I really am trying to like this CSI, but, Gawd! Gimme something to work with will ya! I nearly switched stations when the horse was hit, I should have and saved myself the aggrevation.

And now that one of the leading news stories has totally freaked me out, I'm going to bed and pretend that people aren't really as horrible as they are to one another.
Happy Place. Going to my happy place. Yes, yes. Because, yes.

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