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A White Cheddar and Ham Croissant from Cobs Bakery was not in my plan this morning but I'm so happy I caved under the pressure! It.was.so.yummy. So's my vanilla non-fat latte. A nice comfy way to start the work day. That and getting a ride in with my buddy from Floribama ms_nerd. Thanks doll.

We managed to find every possible sink hole in the city today! The city is definitely not spending any of its budget on road repairs. So if you're driving a small car, watch out! A random city street might swallow you whole.
We also saw a huge cloud formation over Vancouver Island that looked like a ginormous volcano had errupted. Wouldn't that be something!

note to self: We pull out "Phase I" on Monday and get back on track!!!


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Nov. 26th, 2004 08:58 am (UTC)
Aren't we up to Phase 7 or 8 by now??? LOL!!!

I'm tired and falling asleep already. This can't be good.
Nov. 26th, 2004 09:04 am (UTC)
D'oh! Yahoo/LJ just ate my reply. ::blink:blink::

What I said was....

Dude! I can hardly keep my eyes open!!! I just want to be at home in bed sleeeeeeeping!!!

thanks so much again for the ride in!!
Nov. 26th, 2004 09:16 am (UTC)
you make me smile buddy hehe :)
Nov. 26th, 2004 09:52 am (UTC)
::big hug!!:: and you'll get more of the same if I can go when I see you in Chicago.
Nov. 26th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC)
did i read that right, you are going to chicago?
Nov. 26th, 2004 11:35 am (UTC)
:o( There might be a problem.

I may be getting laid off for four at the end of February.
Nov. 26th, 2004 11:38 am (UTC)
laid off for four at the end of February --- you mean no work or what you mean,:(
Nov. 26th, 2004 12:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I might be out of work for four months.

No one enrolled into our program for two terms and that means I don't have anyone to teach for March, April, May or June. If they hire me back, I'd probably only start up again in the middle of July.

I don't know if I'll find a job [that pays the same] for only four months. So money's going to be really tight and I won't be able to do any "unnecessary" spending.
(even though *I* think CFTC is very necessary! LOL)

Cross your fingers for me that things work out.
Nov. 26th, 2004 12:14 pm (UTC)
my fingers and toes are crossed buddy im hoping that you do find a job i want to see you again 'sniff sniff'
Nov. 26th, 2004 09:51 am (UTC)
A White Cheddar and Ham Croissant from Cobs Bakery

Mmmm, sounds tasty!
Nov. 26th, 2004 09:55 am (UTC)
OMG Dude! My eyes literally rolled back in my head at the first bite. ew! That's not a pleasant visual is it!?
I was speechlessly surprised! Practically inhaled it!
All salty and oily, cheesey and hammy and they cooked the croissant to soft yet crispy perfection.

I want to marry it and have its babies!
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