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Went to work and froze all day in the computer lab. Possibly got an arrogant prick a colleague in a wee bit of trouble today because I told da boss lady that he did indeed dump work on me that's not even meant for our department. hee hee
I washed down a vending machine bag of chips with a diet Pepsi for lunch today. Yeah, I liked the reasoning at the time too.
Despite the strong possibility of me not being able to go to CFTC in July because of a four month lay-off, I stopped at Chapters and bought a $16CDN tour book on Chicago.
I walked through downtown in the rain tonight and nearly enjoyed it except for the asshats who have no concept of just how far their weapons umbrellas stick out past their 'personal space'.
And by the time I got home, my sneakers, my favourite sneakers that are slipper comfy, had managed to eat my socks, leaving them undigested lumps under my toes. Made it hard to walk. And sadly, my comfy sneakers - the right one to be exact, has somehow managed to spring a leak and my foot was cold and wet and naked because the sock had settled in the soggy toe.
And after all that. *sniff* No "Lost" on my tv tonight. Wait! "Gilmore Gilrs" is on. Right.NOW.

Shout out to crashcat. Can't wait for tomorrow night, sweetie!


Nov. 25th, 2004 09:45 am (UTC)
Yeah. We've all been blissfully ignoring it [at least I've been trying to] but the closer the dates get the harder it is to ignore.
The school Our department had a real major slump in enrollment a while back and in in their infinite wisdom, the school decided that instead of running a couple of really small classes they would push those students' start dates back until it was "" financially viable to run a class.
Two intakes later a class of 22 started about 3 months ago.
I have my last group starting in here next Monday, we go on "Winter Break" and then are back at making movies until the end of February and then that's it for me until some time in July. [So it looks like I'm out of work from March to June]
Unless I come up with a make work project an irresistable proposal that would last those four months. I've got something in mind, but have to mull it over a wee bit more before I approach the guys that hold the purse strings powers that be. As I asked lincolnkw, ifn' you got any pull with the Universe, can you put in a good word for me?

*meep!* I'm "" this far away from panicking but I'm trying to remain positive about it.



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