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This day started out so dark and terribly wet and has only managed to get as bright as a dull grey.
I tend to keep losing myself on days like this. I find myself contemplating life too much on days like this. These are 'deep thought' kind of days. Not light and airy sunny summer days.
Philosophers must love dreary rainy days. Where else would you end up but lost inside your head somewhere. Even walking in the rain is the perfect time to think about stuff you normally don't think about. You can be sad in the rain because no one can see the spilled tears should you lose control of them. But rainy days can be cozy and snuggly and sleepy days too. Not all tears and sadness. Rainy days make me want to read and write and reach inside and pull out creative stuff I normally surpress.
So, when I get home, I'm going to pull out project [XYZ] and stare at it until the sun comes out.

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