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Much squeeage has been done over the GAP thingamabobber. Much opinioning done about the lack of screen time. Much squeeage over his cover of EWF's "Shining Star". Thank you SOMUCH to fuskeez and soul4poetry for sharing!

Am I being the uberest of dorks for *already* checking air fares to "The Windy City"?

Tickets range from $550 - $780CDN. Cheaper ones are w/stop overs in far-away hubs, the Steeper ones are direct flights. Am VERY tempted to fly direct. Wouldn't you be?
Okay, I'll shelve the excitement until more info is out there. Don't be scared about me going on ad nauseum so soon

Eeeee!!!! GAP!JC and CFTC news!

Thank you for listening.. Carry on with your regularily scheduled programming.

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