Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

A couple more great people on my friendslist are a little closer in age to me today.
Y'see, I've stopped aging and am waiting for y'all to catch up to me.
Hello, my name is Peter Pan.

skewedview I hope you're having a wonderful sparkly day!!! I'd send Monsieur Chasez over to make beautiful music with you but he's busy making tv commercials.
Oh, and while I'm here... *cough* more menaced!JC fic please *cough*


coreopsis I'm not sure who I should be sending over to your party. A little red headed wizard, a Stargate traveling hunk, a shiver-me-timbers sailor, a haut and saucy crime scene investigator or a flamboyant boy bander. Whomever shows up, take full advantage of him/them.

Have a great birthday ladies!!

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