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Feeling scattered this morning. Want to leave comments in everybody's posts but can't find the right wording to not sound like a complete idiot.

I'm feeling like I want to ramble on ad-nauseum about anything and everything but can't focus enough to pick one to start with.

Oh, wait, I know, I went to see "The Grudge" last night with silvrsolace and bossymarmalade last night.
Before I get into the movie I just want to sputter angrily about rude fucking theatre patrons.
What makes you think that a sloped room with over 50 plush relining seats with cup holders is your private FUCKING living room where you can have a conversation loud enough for everyone to hear during the flick? Hmmm?! Hmm! Why are movie goers getting so ignorant? Grrrr!

"The Grudge" *meep* Scared the hot water out of me at perfectly timed intervals.
I sat there with a rolled up magazine in my hands and would kinda hide behind its tubeness when the terror got too much to take. I got home to find a huge smudge of ink up the bridge of my nose and forehead. (D'oh, thank for telling me I had ink on my face guys. :o)) I don't remember if I thanked you for the ride home. *smooch!*

Just read bossymarmalade's "Futurama" fic and it's adorable and sad and hilarious and you should go check it out if you're any type of Futurama fan. You'll love it too, or your money back.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Halloween's on Sunday and I've yet to find any decent scary/spooky offerings on Television. It's their duty to provide shit like that. Why aren't they running a "Fear" or "Most Haunted" marathon somewhere!?!
And I want to see the Showcase bat before the holiday is over. Maggie, you've got to show me it if you caught it while taping "Session Nine".

Well, that's about as much rambling on nothing one should be allowed to dump into one post.
which means I'll probably be back

I want to be working on learning how to build my web site or finally getting over the writer's block I'm facing with an AU I'm struggling with instead of being here babysitting instructing these guys.


Oct. 29th, 2004 03:25 pm (UTC)
Dammit, all YTV's playing on Halloween is The Lost Boys and then Poltergeist. Which we could easily rent if we wanted them!!! DAMMIT!!!

I don't think I'm doing anything on Saturday night, just going to the planetarium with the Kurji on Sunday! Shall we plan to stay up watching Session 9 on Saturday night and doing some beta-reading? *claps hands in glee*

And apparently, if you highlight a section of the post and then hit "Quote", that highlighted section will then appear as a quote in your comment. Like how I normally do manually, where I paste in a section of your post and make it italics. Stupid quote does the same thing, except it just puts quotation marks! Which looks really confusing and it's stupid and I HATES IT!!!



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