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Have experienced the newest Starbucks in the lower mainland with ms_nerd. Yum!
It's big and pretty and relatively empty because it's still so brand new. Still smells new.
We may have to make it a regular stop whenever we commute into work together.

I had mixed feelings this morning when LN told me that she brought her camera to work to take pictures of the snow up on the North Shore mountains. TOO SOON! my gut cringed. But then I saw them and it was...JOY! They're beautiful. The moutains are all dark and dramatic this morning with this topping of icing sugar white snow on top of them. They're beautiful. I like being reminded that this is one of the beautifullest places on earth. (even when it's dark and grey and gloomy)

I hope she is able to get pictures of them - the clouds were starting to gather and might obscure the view before she can. But there's always tomorrow. And there may be more snow by then.

The jist of our commute:
Sticking one's finger in the hole of one's crotch.
Having to remove a questionably placed label from one's pants.
Fist of indifference.
Arguing about movies where a child squawls like a rabid cat are much scarier than movies about blood vomitting zombies.
Screaming in harmony about said frightening child.
note to posse: somebody else has to try and talk her into coming with us to see the movie....
Confessing that "Lost" is this season's guilty pleasure.
Agreeing strongly about "Veronica Mars".
Peeing one's pants.
Oh, agreeing that the new DuranDuran cd's a good thing.
ms_nerd, did I forget anything?
Driving behind the sweetest guy in town who stank up the road.

Thanks sweetie. I hope we can do this again soon!!

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