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$2.99 margaritas, an ice cream/whip cream and chocolate cake dessert of monolithic proportions - consumed by one person, decapitated barbie dolls, shameless screaming, singing and much boot-ay shaking. That was what last night was about!

The Vancouver Posse (and honored U.S. guest) had a night out. A GREAT night out. Richmond's ABC restaurant and Crystal Karaoke may never be the same.

What an amazing karaoke place too: we expected to find dry old, done-to-death tunes by obscure nobody has-beens and were squeefully suprised to find songs like "Celebrity" and "Pop" in their repetoire! Go figure - they had "Celebrity" but not "Bye,Bye,Bye". Huh?
We slaughtered BSB, butchered Britney, trashed Ricki, and Queen - oh lord - "Bohemian Rhapsody"...If I could get a copy of the karaoke video they had for this one, I would be a happy woman. Hysterical doesn't even come close!

OH, and ms_nerd has a real thing for airplanes.
I can't imagine what a space ship would do to her...

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