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Week-ends are too short. Especially so after this week-end's Super Squeelicious Sunday Spectacular.
bossymarmalade, glockgal, ms_nerd, strandia, poptart and newly met squickgrrl ::waves:: we all got ourselves a private screening of 12 foot high puppies, puppies and more puppies.
Stubbleglitter and I work at the Vancouver Film School and she booked the school's main theatre from 2:00 p.m. til 11:00 p.m. just for us. [Locked door private viewing.]
Lord almighty in heaven!! The boys in all their goofy glory [joey's 'reel *nsync'] on a 12 foot screen. 'Isn't that something.'
The boys in all their amazing hotness [concert dvd's] PoP Oddyssey, MSG. What else did we watch guys?
Ahhh, to watch Timberlake work those hips on the big screen - *guh*
Maaah to see JC vibrate on the big screen - *meep*
I think I lost my ovaries somewhere in the 5th or 6th row. Anybody see them please return to...
We squee'd and giggled like the teenies in the sudiences [they weren't so fun to watch on the big screen. *blech*]
I think much fun was had by all. Okay, there might have been a tad too much sugar consumed but it sure was funny seeing glockgal and squickgrrl race around in circles like airport JC.
Squick, you did a really nice floor spin like Chris too. I saw that, don't think I didn't.
Man, what a giggle! Can't wait to do it all over again.

one poopy bit however - Glock and Stubbleglitter's little car was beat up and violated in the parkaing arcade. Shit-head-assbag-crack-whore-junky-fucks!! [The neighborhood our campuses are in are right in the skungiest part of downtown.]
Glock spent about an hour on hold with the cops to make a report and they *never* answered the phone. Hrmmmph!! Whatever.

But other than that ickky-not-niceness I think we had a pretty *nsync'n good time! And I hope we can get to do it up: private karaoke booth booking? Guys, guys...?

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