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Gacked from ms_nerd Weird: I was saddled with a hyphenated name when I was born (I never use the second half) I entered each name separately (because together they didn't exist) - they came up with the same definition. Weird.

My name means: Child of Light That's so pretty.

Name Origin: Persian (really? news to me)
Number of Syllables: 3.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the [insert real name here]:

Lucky Number: 2 (was always told it was 3 - must try my lottery luck with 2's)
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Element: Water
Primary Color: Orange (this blows me away - it's my favourite colour)
Traits: Sensitive, domestic. Tends to be emotional and easily influenced to tears. Has a fertile imagination. Very fond of the home. Patriotic. Accepts changes in surroundings. Prefers to live near the water. Often possesses musical talents and would make a very good psychic.

The 'prefers to live near water' is bang on. Some of the traits are fairly accurate.
Did I mention weird? Weird but very cool.

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