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Ended up watching an old "Gilmore Girls" on WTN(?) that I don't recall ever seeing but was annoyed with all the heavy handed co-dependence being flung around the Gilmore house. So whenever mom or daughter had me rolling my eyes, I was watching an episode of that Navy CSI rip-off series that was pretty boring.
I don't like Mark Harmon's snotty, superior, 'I-know-everything because-I'm-"NAVY" But the female support looks like bossymarmalade's and my adorable little sewing/carpenter Leslie Sagretti(sp?) from "While You Were Out" so I watch it for her and the "I'm-the-studly-younger-second-banana" guy who used to be on "Dark Angel" ->the guy in the wheelchair. *guh!* Unfortunately, they've made him painfully dumb/but clever "" and gets his comeuppence if he out smarts the star, but he's eye candy and looks really hot when he gets roughed up. So I sit through it just in case he's dumb enough to get in the way of a stray fist or something.
And lastly, just sat through another episode of "Veronica Mars". Hmmmmph. :o\ Not liking it. The pace sucks - almost as much as the lead character's acting. Can she act?? The 'case' she was working on had an interesting twist. But what the hell is the show actually about?!? Bueller?
So now taht my remote's exhausted and I'm frustrated enough with television tonight to blow off "Rescue Me" I'm going to go write a novel to bed.

Sweet dreams all. Y'all be good, y'hear.

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