Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Ooooo! That was fun! I roamed around the house taking pictures last night and this morning for the Photo Meme: Here's who asked for what.
Thank you all for leaving requests you provided me with hours of fun!


1. My favourite thing that reminds me of JC.
I bought this hat because he had one. Yep, I'm a dork.

2. What's inside my freezer.
About the only thing I use it for is ice cubes.

3. My bed.
It does gets made. Honest.

. . .


1. Something that smells good.
I have this pouch sittin by the computer because it smells so good - if I haven't lit some incense.

2. Something I keep around even though it serves no useful purpose.
This is a circa 1945 GM diesel truck grille. I found it in an alley one day. It weighs about 85 lbs and takes two people to lift it.

3. The floor of my bedroom closet.
technically this isn't my 'bedroom' closet because I can't get to it right now for the stacked boxes in front of it. This is actually my hall closet.

. . .


1. My cat’s favourite toy.
It used to be on a stick. She will dig this up at every hour day or night and drop it in front of me to play fetch with it. Sleeps with it sometimes. Such a cute question!

2. The most fun thing in my house.
This is the first thing I think of when it comes to fun. She shows up in other photo requests for other reasons. Other cat owners will understand.

3. Under my kitchen sink.
I rarely go under there.

. . .


1. The view from one of my windows.
It's my kitchen window. I have a window in every room in my house - except the bathroom.

2. My favourite pair of shoes.
I wear them every day.

3. The first book I come across.
It's crazy, y'know, I've had this book for years and still haven't read it. It's on my 'to do' list for this winter.

. . .


1. A body of water.
There isn't one in view from my aptartment, will this do for now?)

2. Something I touch every day.
multiple times too!

3. My hand against the sky.
This was a cool request.

. . .


1. The back of my head.
LOL. I asked someone the same thing but I didn't think it was weird at the time. Now that I have to take my own...Maggie, you're a freak! :o)

2. Something that makes me angry.
Oh, Dakota, my sweet little doodlebug. I love her to death and at times - like at 3:00 a.m. - I want to strangle her.

3. The oldest item in my pantry/fridge.
They're bananas. That I will eventually make banana nut bread out of. Okay, that was my plan about five years ago. But they're still good, right?

. . .


1. My toes.!?!
Hope these aren't too grosse!

2. My most beloved possession.
Can she be called a 'possession'? I hope so because

3. Something that’s my favourite colour.
This is such a cool question. I found towels at IKEA that had me stop in my tracks because I've never seen any in my favourite colour.

. . .

I have too many boxes stacked in my hall closet.

Hmmmm, would any of these be worth turning into icons?

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