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G.I.P while I'm at it. From one of my own pics.

Last Chance Summer Dance Pics Pard Deux

Yes, JC, there are 8,876 people still waiting in line to see you.

!!!Look at the size of Lonnie's hand!!!! I'm just sayin'.

And that's the end of my story. Portland is one of the prettiest cities I've ever visited. It made the trip memorable. Meeting up with familiar LJers and meeting new ones was wonderful. Seeing JC in the flesh [all be it all too briefly and from too far away] was amazing!


EDIT: OH MY GOSH!!! chrismm just reminded me!!!!
I completely forgot one of the most amazing things that happened.

Despite me making fun of the teenies racing around, I was blown away by one young lady after Lonnie whisked JC away.
Some guy was randomly giving out "Schizophenic" posters. Y'know the fur-lined collar coat one. Yeah, that one! I tapped a little girl on the shoulder to ask if the guy was still giving out posters. She said now and I cringed in disappointment.
Her little sunburned friend turned around held hers out and said:

"You can have mine."

I froze. Stared. Stuttered and asked her if she was sure. I think I asked her about 12 times if she really wanted to give it to me. I even offered to pay. She and her friends just giggled at my gratitude. I wandered off after my bunch in dropped-jaw amazement.
Young lady, wherever you are, may all the right Karma come your way darlin'! Thank you. And thank you Chrismm for reminding me.


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