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strange but true

So here's what happened (if anyone's interested):
I came home after work last night - around 5:30.
I made dinner - around 6:30.
Returned 1/2 a dozen phone calls - btwn 7:00 - 8:00.
Watched MuchMusic/surfed tv - during calls.
Surf'd the net - btwn 8:00 - 9:45.
Read that Justin was going to be on "DateLine" - while sufing.
Set up my vcr/tape - as soon as I read the post.
Spoke to bossymarmalade about concert tickets she gave me - about 9.
Settled down on the sofa to watch "*Snooze*Line" - 8:58.
Jotted down some *nslash notes during the first segments - 9:00 - 9:20.
STARED in the direction of the tv cause I saw something move behind it - freaked and lost track of time!
REALIZED that there are a pair of eyes looking at me - what the fuck!!
Second realization - my cat was sitting at the opposite end of the sofa from me so it WASN'T her prowling around behind the tv.

Blink. Blink...BLINK!

What the fuck!
There was a strange cat sitting behind my tv set.
I live in an apartment above a carport.
I have screens on my windows.
Where the hell did this strange, very frightened cat come from? and how long had it been crouched behind my television set while I bopped around the house and my cat sat obliviously on the sofa?
I finally coaxed it -me cooing-it hissing- out from behind the tv and gave it some food and water.
At this point my cat, who is afraid of the wind, still had not spotted her yet.
How clueless can a cat get? (She's pretty but not s.m.r.t.!!)
I mean, wouldn't she smell it or sense another cat in the room or something?
- now is NOT the time for any 'pets reflect their owners' cracks. Thank you.

I think she/he/it belongs to the tenant who's apartment is also over the carport and she got out of his place somehow and somehow managed to squeeze in around my screen.
But when?
I took the screen off my window so she had the option to scram if she was so inclined. She did eventually but by then, there was an assortment of moths and flying things in the apartment who'd been drawn to the lights.
Flying things that no doubt, Dakota,my cat with the I.Q. of a flea, will neither notice or attempt to chase.

Maybe I should have let Dakota out and kept the smart one that figured how to get into a sealed apartment. I wonder what will be waiting for me when I get home tonight.

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