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::bounce:: points at time. Yes, I'm at home and I'm posting.
No, no, no, Orangina isn't better. My IT guy won't be able to look or even think about it until sometime next week. He said - based on my description of the 'death' - that I should probably prepare for the worse because it really, really didn't sound good. :o( Poor little oRangina.

Oh, yeah, back to the ::bounce:bounce::

My friend Tim from downstairs felt so bad for me when I told him about the state of poor little oRangina while we were out for coffee this weekend that he scrounged up bits and pieces of computers he had around his apartment (he 'tinkers' with them.) and presented me with this little loaner tonight. Complete with "Hulk" stickers around the monitor. Wheeeeee! And he said that there's absolutely no rush to get it back to him.

The generosity of people I know just blows me away all the time.

Wheeeeee! Oh, I said that already. wOot

I'm going to keep only good thoughts in my head that I can save all the graphics and media I had sitting on oRangina's desktop. Good thoughts. Good thoughts. ONLY.GOOD.THOUGHTS.

Another little yay. My TicketMaster tickets for the LCSD arrived today. So, yeah...Yay!

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