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I was never so glad to be at work as I was this morning so I could get on the computer and catch up.
Oh work computer, how I love thee.

My little iMac 'Orangina' bit the dust on Friday and is still in the computer emergency waiting room. I still don't know what his status is. :o(
Hopefully I can talk to one of our IT guys about his symptoms today.

~ ~ ~

Since then there are some major thank you's that need to be said:

1. Big thank you to ms_nerd for taking me to IKEA on Saturday and especially for entering the shark infested waters putting up with the commission-driven sales staff at FutureShop with me to look at possible replacements for little Orangina.

2. Despite her crazy work schedule, chicksrus Michelle so sweetly offered me the loan of her old computer until my little guy is either repaired or replaced! After looking at the price of new ones, it was a good thing that I declined her generous offer because it might never have been given back!

3. To my little baby girl, silvrsolace. Thank you so much sweetie. ::hugs!!:: I can't wait until Friday!!! You're gonna love your burger baby! :o)

4. And to kare. She knows why.

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