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thank you's

First I gotta thank batgrrl1975 who toiled over her *squeelicious* JC mood icons. I thank her from the bottom of my fluttering heart.
And once having seen them unveiled, I had to have them! I was swept up in the frenzy to own a set of my very own. JC's smoochie face telling the world how I was feeling!! Could I be happier?


Yes I could - if I wasn't such a useless stupid techno-retard and could figure out how to do computery magic and get them all into my hot little hands.
But alas - this poor little techno-retard didn't have a clue in her fuzzy little head how to figure out the instructions.

*ahem* gallant 'knightress-in-shining-armor' music please...

As luck would have there are still unsung heroes in the world for the easily confused. bossymarmalade succumbed to my 'damsel-in-distress- eye lash batting and fetched them for me. *swoon* ain't she just the peachiest or what?!
So, I'm gonna post ad-nauseum today just to use my new JC mood icons. [cause stubbleglitter threatened physical violence if I didn't. So she can get cranky, you would too riding around in all that sparkly armour rescuing damsels]

The end.

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